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About the Plaza Art and Artist

Art: Red Styxs
Red Styxs by noted artist Konstantin Dimopoulos is a site-specific environmental sculpture created for Home Plate Center plaza. This dynamic sculpture uses powerful color, vertical rods, surroundings, repetition of form and the imagination of the viewer to transform the site and echo an organic, primordial past. The lush natural flora around Seattle is inherent in this concept, evoking both the history of the site and the developer’s intent to acknowledge the wider natural environment. Because the sculpture is made of individual rods, they do not form a solid wall or a visual barrier. Rather, as appropriate to such a visionary project, visitors can see through the kinetic rods into the environment.

Artist: Konstantin Dimopoulos
Konstantin Dimopoulos' award-winning art concentrates on nature and ecological themes. This focus prompted the commission of his Red Styxs for the Home Plate Center, which is also designed to mirror its Seattle environment. Noted for his public artworks, Dimopoulos has pieces in private collections in the United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.  Mr. Dimopoulos resides in Melbourne, Australia.